The Payroll & TAX

Amazing services at a low cost.
Many organisations struggle with the lack of confidentiality of people’s salaries resulting in staff grievances and disciplinary procedures. We can manage your payroll including filing returns with SARS (EMP201 and EMP501 returns). We also manage the local taxation affairs of expatriate staff.
NB: Services charged separately.

Our payroll services include :

• Cloud payroll system setup.
• Employees’ data takeover.
• Monthly earnings and deductions changes.
• Leave management.
• Disbursement of payroll amounts (net salaries and third party deductions).
• SARS payroll taxes returns (EMP201 and EMP501).
• Department of Labour declarations.
• Electronic payslips (with your Logo) for all employees, delivered via email.

Our TAX services include :

  • SARS efiling registration or if registered, transfer of tax types.
  • Confirmation of tax compliance status and notification of any non-compliance.
  • Advice on what to do to comply, if non-compliant (excludes the actual fixing of non-compliance).
  • Review of tax liability based on data supplied by client. This covers income tax, VAT and payroll taxes.
  • Preparation of the tax return including schedules required to be included therein.
  • Lodging the tax returns with SARS.
  • Application for tax compliance status (TCS) letter and PIN.
  • Submission of TCS letter and PIN to client.