Capacity Assessment

Capacity assessment performed by industry experts to boost your business.
This is the diagnostic phase during which {{ }} will seek to understand the organisational development (OD) state of the client, its capacity requirements, any capacity gaps, and the actions necessary to strengthen the institutional capacity to manage its affairs sustainably.

The package includes the following services:

  • We will facilitate a structured self-assessment assessment process involving participants from the client from across different functions, and staff levels.
  • We will review key documents.
  • We will conduct semi-structured key informant interviews.
  • We will customise our tried and tested online organisational capacity assessment tool (OCAT)
  • We will conduct an online group assessment with participants using the OCAT.
  • We will present the assessment results and support the client to develop an action plan to close the capacity gaps.
  • We will produce an assessment report for sharing with the client