Most NPOs and SMEs cannot afford to hire qualified and experienced staff in certain functions and those that can afford may find themselves with costly but underutilized resources. The funding cycles for NPOs create job insecurity which can interfere with the acquisition of talent. In addition, NPOs face the threat of losing key staff towards the end of funding periods leaving them with inadequate resources to manage the close out period.

Our technology-enabled shared services are intended to ameliorate the risks cited above while reducing the cost of doing business for our clients. We hire competent and experienced professionals that deliver solutions that satisfy our clients’ needs and expectations. Our shared services cover the areas of accounting, grants management, human resources, internal auditing, procurement and tax.


We manage the accounting and reporting functions for clients with the specific terms agreed upfront. Clients retain full control of their financial information with real time access.

Grants management

We support NPOs to properly manage donor funding, sub-grants and comply with contractual obligations. Our team of highly qualified professionals has vast experience with major donors such as USAID, DFID, EU, Global Fund and corporate social investment (CSI) funding.

Human Resources

We provide HR management services from recruitment, on-boarding, leave administration, payroll and termination among other service.

Internal Auditing

We offer cost-effective independent and objective assurance services to assist clients to develop, improve and reap benefits from effective risk management, control and governance processes.


We provide procure-to-pay management services ensuring compliance with funding conditions.


we are SARS registered tax practitioners and provide tax management services.

The importance of internal auditing services stems from the need to achieve cost-effective governance that gives independent and objective assurance to key stakeholders that the recipient organization is well governed and risks are effectively managed. Management teams and boards need to receive regular assurance from an independent and objective function that the internal controls put in place are adequate, effective and working as intended to manage and control identified key risks.

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